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High School Grads

KenMar’s experience works both ways

You’ll feel more comfortable and confident and have a better experience because of all of my experience. (I’m old!) Because I’ve photographed thousands of seniors, I have an acquired comfortable confidence that is reflected in you. I’ll never say that I’ve seen it all, but I’ve seen enough to know the uniqueness in everyone can transfer to a portrait better when their photographer is having this much fun photographing them.

High school senior girl photographed in a field of tall grasses in front of an abandoned looking building. At 1120 N Hickory Farm Ln, KenMar's private photo park.

How Can I Make the Most Out of My Session?

In a word: preparation! That’s why we do everything we can to have you experience a session before your session. While we do recommend visiting the studio before your session for a meet and greet, we’ll also send you some easy-to-follow steps to get in the groove. Much of that info can be found right here.

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Senior Portrait Pricing Info

KenMar Studio offers affordable pricing. We have packages for every budget. Our pricing is two staged the Session Fee, and the Print Package Fee.

Session Fees

Choose the photoshoot option that will tell your story!

Choose the sale that will save you money!

Save more when you book sooner:

Avoid the rush of August and September, and save more the earlier you book

Discounted fees:
75% off in May
50% off in June
25% off in July

Print Package Fees

Get exceptional value and numerous choices with packages catering to every budget, and no minimum orders required.

For instance, the Senior Express Package, priced at under $250, includes:

  • 2 Small Wall Portraits (10″ or smaller)
  • 16 Wallets
  • a Yearbook Photo
  • 30-minute session

Areas Served

Best of the Valley Award
Best of the Valley Award

KenMar Studios proudly serves the high school senior graduation portrait market in Appleton, Kaukauna, Kimberly, Neenah, Menasha, Combined Locks, Hortonville, Little Chute, Sherwood, Freedom, Grand Chute, Greenville and surrounding areas.

We’ve consistently been voted as Best Of The Valley.


Let’s Work Together!

Four Steps to Valuable Photography

Evaluate Costs:
Begin by understanding the price range. Remember, the true worth of a portrait lies in its emotional impact, not its cost.

Assess Value: Quality and value are perceived through personal taste. Look for portraits with natural poses and storytelling elements that feel timeless. Don’t equate the most expensive with the best; seek a balance of cost and value.

Prioritize Experience: Opt for photographers with the expertise to transform personalities into cherished portraits. Experience fosters the skill to capture the essence of the subject beyond mere technicalities.

Seek Recommendations: Consult with friends to find a portrait that captures more than a likeness—it should reflect the subject’s past, potential, and personality, transforming the medium into something invaluable.

While the four elements to consider include asking for price, identifying value, analyzing experience and listening to others, the real value of a portrait is in the way it makes you feel.

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