Answers to the most commonly asked questions:
A: Down the hall to the left
Q: Where is the bathroom?
A: The studio is was established in 1954 and named after my parents Ken and Margaret. They’re also the ones who named me Todd.
Q: Why is it called KenMar?
A: What makes KenMar special is a unique combination of time, talent and taste. There’s no substitute for decades of experience and priceless perspective when creating the best value in tasteful, timeless portraits
Q: What makes KenMar special?
A:  Every one has a budget so let’s start with the big picture (pun intended) in other words: the range of prices. When you spend more you get more… usually… but everybody likes to save money! That’s why we have no minimums and we have packages which include a 1/2 hour photoshoot, 1 8×10, 5×7, wallets & yearbook photo for only $249. Some clients spend as much as $3000 on finished pictures.
May sessions are 75% and June sessions are 50% off regular prices.
The most expensive isn’t always the best, and the cheapest certainly isn’t always a bargain. You need to go where you feel a comfortable balance of value for cost. Providing great value keeps the art of photography alive and has kept us in business for over half a century.
Q: What is this going to cost?
A: Choosing a creative service like photography is a unique experience. It’s not a product that you pull down off of a shelf. So, how can you trust yourself to recognize better quality portraits worth paying more for?
Quality and value are found in your own sense of good taste. You actually feel good looking at relaxed poses and expressions.
When you visit web sites and take a look at samples, look for variety, poses that look comfortable, backgrounds that enhance the portrait, and most important of all, tell the story of the person in the portrait!
At KenMar it’s all about the person being photographed. It’s the sharing that helps your subject share their personality. These are the qualities that create classic, meaningful, and timeless images.
Q: How can I trust myself to recognize better quality portraits worth paying more for?
A: The experience of being photographed by someone with experience is what turns personality into portraits that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. It’s s a skill, derived from a talent or an interest that takes time to develop.
My experience has seen photographic fads that come and go and as a result I feel better equipped to know which ones to embrace.
By studying my subject I see the million little things that shows the world who they are.
That is the art that cannot be replaced by sheer quantity of images, speed or any piece of technology.
A well done portrait is truly priceless in that it holds, perhaps more than any thing else, the meaning of a man. I strive to create the kind of images where you can see the past, the potential, and the personality.
Q: Why is experience so important?
A: One of the best ways to shop for this service is to ask your friends. KenMar Photography, with its 60 year history, enjoys a good reputation that can be found when talking to those whose taste you share.
Q: What are other ways to shop for photographers?
If you sense the difference here we may be a good fit! Call 920-734-5328 to make your appointment right now!




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