You. GOTTA. Call. NOW!

The Very Best Time to be Photographed outdoors AND the Best Prices!

Hi, and thanks for your interest in my photo style.

It looks like I’ve already photographed quite a few of your friends: Erica, Devon, James, Mike, Courtney, Shanna, Jessica… Have you seen their pictures on my Facebook Page? Ask your buds about their experience here. They seemed to like it!

Everybody likes to wait ’til the last minute. I know I do! That’s why, early in the season, there are special offers and reduced prices.
It’s those early birds that always end up getting the deals. Let it be YOU this time!
Some of our session and print prices are hugely discounted in June and July.
I’ll be sending out another mailer that you should be getting in a couple of weeks. But don’t wait for it! Between now and then I’ll be posting special offers on my blog and on Facebook.

If you’re looking for a ballpark price there’s a Senior Express special that includes a session, a 10″ (or smaller) prints, 16 wallets for just over $250. And we’ll even send your yearbook picture right to your school!

And there is NO BETTER TIME than RIGHT NOW to have your session so call Debbie at 734-5328.
Because that outdoor area is looking really good right now!

Goodbye Cruel World.
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