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How to Shop for a Photographer.

How to Shop for a Photographer.

How to find the right photographer for your needs. Glad you asked!

You could turn the question around and ask the photographer to describe their ideal customer! If they describe you, boom, that’s the one!

Here are some other things you might want to consider when shopping for a photographer:

  • Type
  • Style
  • Experience/Reviews
  • Timeline
  • Budget/Value

If you’re looking for portrait specialist, that’s my niche. People. One on one. Creating a lasting icon of all that you are.

You’re looking for a photographer whose style matches your taste. One whose portfolio shares your expectations, ideas, preferences and personality. Someone who helps you see the result before the first shutter click.

The feeling of comfortable confidence with this photographer, comes the old fashioned way: I’ve been doing this a long time. Longer than most. I’m old, OK! I’ll never say I’ve seen it all but I’ve seen a lot! I know I’m a lot more confident in my work when I was just starting out. You’ll feel that.


Timeline: We cater to the fussy. The ones who want it done right the first time. And soon!

You should have a clear idea of price and compare the prices of different photographers.

Be sure to factor in the value of the photographer’s expertise.

Here are a few things KenMar clients have said about their experience at KenMar:

Wyatt Duffy’s mom (Ellen Duffy)

“Dear Mr. Kunstman,

We came to you for senior pictures of Wyatt because his sister two years ago was so happy with her pictures you took.  She insisted he go to you.

Both times we felt you went the extra mile.  You’re an artist who really cares about your work and whether we as the customer were happy with the product.  I could see that all the way through the process.  You prepared us for the shoot so nothing would go wrong that day.  When we got there you made suggestions.  You knew what would work and what wouldn’t.   You really worked to get Wyatt to bring out his personality.  You made his poses with his Jeep and dirt bike relevant.  You  captured his relationship with them – his relationship through his mind, not through your mind.  Tough job!  Very professional.  We appreciate all your caring and expertise.”

Be photographed with the things that make you you!
Be photographed with the things that make you you!

Kelly Erdman

“I really liked how you personalized everyone of the pictures I saw of others.  Not a single one was similar to another, and each of their personalities were incorporated in the pictures.

The atmosphere was very layed back and comfortable.  It was like working with an old friend who was genuinely interested and cared how I felt NOT your typical generic photographer. 

KenMar is the choice for anyone interested in quality senior pictures that bring out the best in their personality.

I got to just relax and hang out and do things on my own time.”

KenMar Photography Inc Appleton
Poses like this rarely just happen. Todd knows how to pose!

Nathaniel Flauger

“I went there because of the wide range of choices and options that could be personalized to best reflect my interests and capture my personality and style.

I have two very distinct interests; biking and photography.  Todd took the time to find out about these interests and was creative in capturing both interests in ways that really reflect me.  He helped me be relaxed so the end result are pictures that look professional, but natural. All of the pictures turn out great!”

KenMar Photography Inc. Appleton
Be photographed with the things that make you you!

Abby Vincent

“I was very impressed by the setting choices of the outdoor photo park when we stopped by for a peek.

In other studio’s photos, the students didn’t look as natural.  Smiles… poses…

It went longer than expected, but I didn’t feel rushed as all.  It was an enjoyable and fun experience.

I really liked Todd’s comments after he snapped almost every shot.

The experience was great… along with the finished product.

KenMar is the place to go!

When I first thought about senior pictures I wanted to find a studio with a photographer who would listen to what I wanted, right down to how I was posing.  I had the notion that the photographer was totally in charge and that I would just have to go along with it.  My experience at KenMar was different than I thought it would be because I felt I had control over my session.”

Kristen Erickson

“I was extremely impressed with KenMar’s photography.  It  is evident in the outstanding photographs I saw.

Todd focuses on capturing each individual’s personality because every person is unique. Todd was extremely helpful showing me how to do the poses, making me feel at ease.  My favorite part of the session… all of it!

I was nervous at first but the minute I got there I was instantly at ease.  We were talking and laughing the whole time. Before I knew it, the session was already over. “

Jennalee Doughty

“I was photographed at another studio and wasn’t impressed. But after seeing and hearing positive feedback from my friends (who went to KenMar I knew I’d be satisfied. After I got my proofs I was very happy. The pictures emphasized the positive characteristics.  Each picture told it’s own story. I went for the look that was different from everyones and describes each individual’s personality.

Todd took the time to correct every flaw so in the end came beautiful photographs.”

Clay Segovia

“His subject’s personality really shines through, it’s not just a face.

The session was so relaxed.  I felt comfortable and at ease because we had time to experiment.  I wouldn’t have minded if it was longer, it was a blast!

Todd is an awesome photographer and funny.

They’re superb.  It’s THE choice for your senior pictures.

I thought it would be rushed and strict.  I was completely wrong.  Really made me feel relaxed because he’s so laid back himself.  We had fun. He really knows what he’s doing.  Better than I could have ever imagined.”

Kortney Gonnering

“I talked to a few students who went to Ken Mar all of them had good things to say.

My favorite part of the session was probably Todd’s enthusiasm. He always made me feel like the pictures were turning out great. He let me listen to my own music and made the atmosphere of the photo-session to fit my personality.

You will not be dissapointed.

The session was about capturing my personality”

Joseph VanderLoop

“I wanted the best

I liked the different angles the lighting and the scenery.  

Being able to jam out to my own type of music was a blast.

Senior pictures shouldn’t be boring. Todd makes it fun.  One of the best times I have ever had getting pictures taken.  The best pictures too. 

I wish my session could have been longer!”

Kayla Tetzlaff

“Everyone in their pictures seemed to look really comfortable.

Other studios seemed to have one pose that kept showing up.  

Todd’s were all unique, and looked natural!

He always listened to what I said, able to look at my interests and capture that in my photos.

They are really willing to work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want.

I thought it would be a lot more awkward for me.  I’m not a fan of being in front of a camera.  Todd made me feel comfortable.”

Michael Van Dyke

“Very affordable!

He creates a personal experience tailored for each customer.

I liked playing around outside and taking photos in the wonderful wilderness scene.

The hardest part won’t be the photo session, but picking your picture.

Todd gave me some wonderful insight about posing and never forced me into a shot I didn’t like.”

Jon Meiers

“Their reputation and price is why I went there.  The pictures didn’t seem fake, and their nature set up is amazing.

Your photographer is really fun and easy to work with.  I’m glad it took so much time, there were a ton of good ones.”

Stephen Schuldes

“I’ve seen nothing but outstanding pictures from everyone who went there.

He really works well with personality.  He listens and finds out who you are first and then he will decide what will help your pictures turn out the way you want them to.

He made it just relaxing and fun to be there.  He really found ways to find my personality in all of my pictures.

We just chilled and relaxed and thats what i loved about it.

Fred Schnettler’ mom

Good service and happy with selections and backgrounds.  Had all 5 children done at KenMar.

The studio was really big and had lots of choices to take pictures.  The outdoors area gave many choices and a natural setting picture without having to travel.  The pictures were of excellent quality and finished to our liking without any hassles or extra charges.” 

Peter Abraham

“I went there for the high quality pictures for reasonable prices

My photo session was too fun.

What I liked best was listening to my music and the wide-open studio.

Do what you want – not what your parents want you to do.

I really wasn’t looking forward to getting my pictures taken.  But when I realized I could do something that would be fun, that really fit my personality, I actually got in to it… I would recommend KenMar to all those that would enjoy a fun experience with their senior pictures.”

Rebecca Mostofi

“I picked KenMar after I heard a lot of good things about KenMar like how nice the staff was.  I received their pamphlets in the mail, and I thought the pictures looked nice with good quality.

The photo’s didn’t go over the top, they stayed classy, but all being unique.

Todd was really nice, and after he found out that I just  got back from Germany he insisted that he find German music to listen to!

Don’t stress out about it!  Todd will tell you what he thinks is best, and your input is also welcome!  The finished product turns out great!”

Kelsie LaChance

“I am not a photo person, and my pictures turned out amazing. 

I thought you had to look like a model to get pictures like that. With Todd’s tips for better pictures, I felt like one.  I loved taking the pictures, it was so much fun! I was sad when the session ended.”

Alyssa Eake

“I liked best the time Todd took and listening to my questions. He really knows his stuff!”

Keshia Driessen

“My favorite part of it was I loved getting the compliments on my pictures!”

Andrew Kappell

“I can’t believe any ordinary studio really give you choices like that.”

Andrea Hyde

“Todd made it seem like I was just sitting on a couch at home relaxing.”

Jamie Schwerin

“Being able to just be myself.”

Marissa Zuleger

“I liked how I didn’t look like I was posing the lighting was great and my skin looked flawless”

Matt Dernlan

“Everything seemed right.

Todd gave me lots of ideas for poses and was very easy to work with.

Great place to go if you want quality and ease.

I thought it would be a hassle. It ended up being very easy and enjoyable experience.”

Noelle Michels

“Other places pictures were cheezy.

They really took alot of time, set you up in good poses.  everything turned out nice. 

I thought it was going to be fast, but they really helped and took their time.”

Jacob Densow

“Every shot came off naturally, nothing was forced.

For a guy, I don’t want to admit I had fun taking pictures. But I did.”

E. Kirby Porter

“I never really take a good picture before and Todd made me look great.

he had a great sense of humor”

Sarah Sawasky

“I had seen one of friend’s pictures, I really liked how they turned out. Todd’s photography seemed very indivilualized. 

I didn’t have to worry about getting the right photo because he did that for me. “

Nathan Chapman

“I liked the variety and the originality, so much more personality than others.

talking with Todd and listening to music; we had many of the same interests in music.

I thought it was going to be boring but it was fun.”

Colette Clark

“I  don’t like being in the spot light but I liked how fun and comfortable it was.”

Abbie Shadick

“the focus was on my face, not the props

Kalan Krueger

“I enjoyed having you take my photo.”

Alisha VanCamp

“he took the time

you get to basically choose everything you do and the pictures are amazing.”

Brittany Stumpf

“The photographer is a great guy and takes awesome pictures.”

Katie Pynenberg

“I liked the flexibility I received with both my outfits and hairstyles.”

Taylor Kolb

“It was more relaxed and fun than I thought it was going to be.”  

Caitlin Weber

“he actually listened to what we wanted, gave us the type of pictures we wanted”

Krista Moser

“more personal experience than expected.

Bring a TON of outfits, I didn’t realize I had so many different options until I got there.”

Justin Biese

“favorite part of the photo session… Our connection with the guitar and being able to choose the music. I found it interesting to know that Todd had given guitar lessons to the guitar player for Fahrenheit 420.

I thought it would be a simple photo session kind of like getting your picture taken for school. It turned out to be so much more than that.”

Adam Gerdts

“Be yourself, make the pictures about you being you”

Stephanie Ashauer

“So many different backgrounds that ended up looking great.

Very professional”

Skylar Paffenroth

“My brothers went there and told me how fun it was going to be”

Kayla Schuster

I liked how other people’s pictures looked, especially the outdoor ones and the prices seemed reasonable.

“The poses and peoples’ expressions looked natural.

I liked it when they told me what to do to make the shot look better.

It is definitely worth it.  Book your session time before they 

fill up.

I was more relaxed than I thought I would be.  Todd and his assistant also helped a lot to make sure I looked good.”

Dillon Thorne

“Actually my mom thought KenMar’s photography stood out among other local studios.  

The way actual personalities were captured in the photos.  

Todd made me feel very comfortable right from the beginning. He helped me to relax and actually enjoy the shoot.

I would definitely recommend KenMar studios if you truly want your photos to capture who you are.

I was a bit intimidated at first because I don’t like getting my picture taken. But after we got started it didn’t take long to start feeling comfortable.  Todd was very friendly and funny and made the experience fun.”

Amy Fletcher

“I heard good things about you from friends that had their senior pictures taken by you and also by the looking at the quality of work featured in the mailings.

I liked how they were able to fit whatever you wanted in your 

senior pictures, and being able to adapt to the persona of the client.

My favorite part was going outside and doing the outdoor shots. I’m always outdoors and it was nice to capture that in my senior pictures. 

It is a great place to get then taken. They are able to 

accommodate anything you like and work very well with you.

I thought I was going to be told what to do and what to get my picture taken with. It was nothing like that at all! I was able to choose what I wanted to do and what would look best for me.”

Justin Tyler West

“The wide variety of scenic backgrounds.

The artistic composition in each portrait.

All of it, from start to finish.  Todd took his time and listened to what you wanted.  He was easy-going and made it fun.

I thought it was going to be rushed and it wasn’t.”

Lauron Hinch

“One of my friends went there and really liked it, so I figured I would go there and try it for myself.

There was a lot of variety and options in the style of the photos.

Watching Todd demonstrate the poses and then trying to do them.

Bring lots of choices in outfits.

It was pretty much exactly what I thought it was going to be like. But there were more choices than I thought there was going to be”

Andrea Wensits

“I was looking through the advertisements and the KenMar ad stuck out the most. It looked like it would be a fun environment and worth the money. 

I felt that everything was more natural. I went to another place 

before I went to KenMar, and the whole session did not feel as natural and fun as the session I got at KenMar.

I liked everything about the photo session. It was such a warm and friendly environment and very easy to be yourself. It was a lot of fun!

Come here, it is well worth one’s time and money.

I thought the session was going to be a quick ‘here lets throw you in some clothes and put you like this.’ Instead each pose was specifically chosen and shown to me beforehand. Also, it was more down to earth and a lot of fun. “

Nathan Van Eperen

“My sister had her senior pics taken by you 2 years ago, and they were great, so I came too.  

Some of the diversity of the outside pictures. The stream was great, and I liked the barn-type building.

My outside shots were my favorite part.

It was more relaxed than I thought it would be. When you think of having pictures taken, you think of sitting and posing inside mostly, but the outside session was great. Very easy going.”

Cory Rued

“Heard good things about quality & price

Lot’s of different settings and options

Think about what you like to do and bring “prop” to match”

Rachel Vandenbergen

“I liked how he knew what he was doing.  A few quick shots and haha I don’t know, I just liked it when the camera was in front of me!”

Kyle Wilz

Attend College at UW Whitewater

“My favorite part of the photo session was that Todd made everything very comfortable and made everything enjoyable and not dreadful. From having the choice of what kind of music you would like to listen to and just asking you to act like you would in a normal situation so he could take a shot that would look natural.

There is no doubt to choose KenMar. Hands Down.

I thought it was going to be very formal and just taking a lot of pictures. It was different because Todd took the extra step to get to know me and and made it a very fun time.”

Lana Ritchie

 “I went to the website for some examples of photos and I liked what I saw.  You had good backgrounds and the shots looked great. 

The backgrounds and angles looked nicer than others and the overall quality of the shots were much better as well.

My favorite part was the shots I took with my dog.  He did better than I thought he would in that situation and I loved the pictures.  You guys worked really well with him.

I would tell them to definitely go there

I thought they were all separate rooms, but it was actually all one big room.”