Review and Referral

You’re a Star at KenMar!

Your pictures have been selected for next year’s senior ads.

Maybe you heard about us from your friends and classmates. Now next year’s seniors want to hear from you!

Thanks for choosing us, thanks for your permission and thanks for your referral.

It’s not a big homework assignment. Just a couple of sentences. You could also give us your suggestions on how we could improve, and have your parents give their feedback as well!

Please send back your responses as soon as you can. Thanks again!

Thanks for responding to these questions. (You don’t need to answer every question and I’ll edit your answers and run them by you before I publish them.)
My name is  
My email address is  
Is it cool to use your words & images in our advertising?For sure! Thanks for asking!
I’m flattered, but no thanks.
I’ve got some questions first. Call or e-mail me.
My plans for after graduation are
I decided to come to KenMar for my senior portraits because
What I liked about Todd’s photography that I didn’t see in portraits from other studios was
My favorite part of the photo session was
If I could redo my session I would change
The best reasons for next years’ seniors to go to KenMar for their senior pictures are
What did
you think your session was going to be like and how was it different?
I’m interested in earning grad party invites, extra wallets or making some cash just for introducing a Junior classmate to KenMar.Yes! I’ve included my e-mail address and/or phone #. Contact me with details.
I’m interested in hearing about special prices on the invitations, wallets and extra pictures.
Phone Number: 
I need your suggestions on how I can improve your experience here. Please tell me how you feel I could improve.

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