How to Shop for a Portrait Photographer

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The Secret to Finding Your Best Photography Value! By the end of this article you should be able to identify the four steps to find your best photography value. 1) ASK FOR PRICES Everyone has a budget. So start with spending some time determining the range of prices. Shopping for photography is much less about dollars […]


The Power of Professional Photography

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I believe that a KenMar portrait can influence your life for the better. I create confidence you can hang on your wall. A look at the philosophy of a portrait artist: At one time photography was the realm of men who understood physics, mechanics, and chemistry. My dad’s old portrait camera is on display in […]


Specials & Offers for this Year’s Graduates

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Don’t wait ’til the last minute. It’s the early birds that get the deals. Don’t delay! Your Choice Coupon Choose 8 extra poses, add an extra outfit or an additional 15 minutes to your session! $30 value. Free Additional Social Media image! Place and pay for your order within one week after you view your originals and […]


Pick Your Sale!

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Congratulations on achieving your senior year! Let’s help you make it special! Let’s determine a range of prices for the amount you want to spend. You’re sure to get exceptional value, lots of choices and find a package for every budget. And we have no minimum orders! Print Pricing Small gift portraits (10 inch and […]


Senior Session Fee Info

75% off May Sessions! Save up to $135! Save more when you book sooner! 30 min. session, (at least)1 outfit, indoor only, $17-Save $52 1 hr. session, (at least) 2 outfits, indoor OR out, $29- Save $90 1.5 hr. ssession, (at least) 3 outfits, indoor & out, $37-Save $112 2 hr. session, (at least) 4 outfits, indoor & out, $44-Save $135 3 hr. limitless outfits, in/out+on location!-$249 All sessions include: Free Cap and Gown (session & print) in May 2020. $55 value! Free Buddy/Boyfriend/Girlfriend/BFF/BAE Session. $25 value! Free Family Portrait Session. $95 value! Check our website at or call 920-734-5328 for details. Three easy steps when you call 920-734-5328 now! 1) Decide how much time you want for your photoshoot and whether you want to be photographed outdoors. 2) Call 920-734-5328 to reserve your date and get all your questions answered. 3 Kick back and relax! We'll take good care of you.

Pick Your Sale! Senior Session Fee Info Save 75% off in May, 50% off in June, and 25% off in July! Photoshoot Options:                                              Session Fees: Choose the session that will tell your story! […]


Do You Have A Better Side?

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Which is your better side? New research shows that the left side of the human face is generally more appealing to others than the right side. This may help explain why portraitists tend to paint their subjects’ left profiles. For the study 37 male and female college students were asked to rate photos of 10 […]


Class of 2025 It’s YOUR turn!

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Schedule your senior pictures and make your session as unique as you are. Three easy steps when you call 920-734-5328 now! 75% off  May Sale Save up to $135! 50% off  June Sale Save up to $90! 25% off  July Sale  Save up to $45! 1 hr at least two outfits indoor OR out June: $59 July: […]


Exclusive Web Only Senior Specials

You found it! Exclusive Web Only Specials!   These are web-only specials. They’re subject to change. And you can only get them by mentioning that you found them on the website. Just for the careful reader! You. Whatever you invest, you’ll get exceptional value and lots of choices plus you’ll find a package for every budget and […]



KenMar Photo Park

Answers to the most commonly asked questions:   A: Down the hall to the left Q: Where is the bathroom?   A: The studio is was established in 1954 and named after my parents Ken and Margaret. They’re also the ones who named me Todd. Q: Why is it called KenMar?     A: What makes KenMar […]