Photoshoot Options

Choose the photoshoot option that will tell your story! 

Choose the sale that will save you money!

Save more when you book sooner:

Save 75% in May, 50% in June, 25% in July

Session Fees and Photoshoot Options:

Session duration Session descriptionMay Session FeeJune Session Fee July Session FeeAugust Session Fee
1/2 hrone outfit indoor only$17$34$51 $69
1 hrtwo + outfits indoor OR out$29$59  $89$119
1.5 hthree + outfits indoor & out$37$74$111$149
2 hrfour + outfits indoor & out$44$89$134  $179
3 hrlimitless outfits in/out+on location!$249    $249   $249   $249

All photoshoot options include:

Free  Cap and Gown (session & print) in Graduation year.       $55 value!

Free  Buddy/Boyfriend/Girlfriend/BFF/BAE Session.   $25 value!

Free  Family Portrait Session.                                               $95 value!

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