KenMar Senior Style High school senior girl graduation picture on

Letter to last year’s graduating class:

Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you and be a part of your high school memories. I hope the portraits that we created will keep you in the memories of your friends, teachers and relatives.

Every year I am fascinated by the seniors I photograph. I’ve been doing this long enough to see the collective changes from year to year and here’s something I’ve noticed recently: more than any other generation, yours has seen changes in technology influence its personality. Here are some things that make you unique:

You are the first to use the communication age to your advantage. I admire the fact that slick advertisers cannot influence you or trick you into buying something you don’t want or need.

Your information is not handed down from marketing experts but instead your information bubbles up from your own friends and peers. You are seekers of marketing information and you research online and send links to others. You read reviews, blogs, and visit websites. It’s more of a pull rather than a push. It’s great because it’s sincere, real, honest.

Since word of mouth is so precious I need to do whatever I can do to encourage you to talk about me to your friends. I also need to know what you like and what I can do to improve. I value your opinion and I absolutely have to hear about it!

Look for your pictures in our gallery and take some time to post something here and on our blog. And if you like I’ll send you one of the pictures we created of you for your social media. All I ask is that you either tell me how I can improve or tell a friend about me.

Start spreading the word, as only you can!

Thanks for choosing KenMar, and thanks for your friendship.

Todd Kunstman CPP & Master of Photography
President of KenMar Photography Inc.
1120 North Hickory Farm Lane
Appleton, WI 54914-3440