KenMar 65th anniversary

KenMar Photography’s 65th anniversary!

The exact date of the beginning of KenMar Photography is buried along with Ken and Margaret whose names make up the name of the business.

Ken & Margaret: Ken-Mar 1940s

Early KenMar 50s thru 60s

I do know that in the late 1940’s, after the war, my dad’s eyes were lit up with the magic, the mystery, the honesty, and the potential of photography as a living. He poured himself into it and took huge risks to fulfill his dream. He convinced Margaret Vosters to be his wife and business partner. About the time I was born they bought a house on Oneida Street and combined their names, their fortunes, and their future, to create Ken-Mar Studio.

KenMar History
KenMar History In front of the original KenMar studio 1960s

Early KenMar 70s thru 80s

As a kid there was a dark room in our basement and a studio in our living room.  I remember visiting a classmate’s house I asked where their camera room and darkroom was. I thought everybody had those! Although I grew up with the business, I was not at all interested in photography when I lived there. That happened literally by accident in 1984.  My dad and his assistant were in a car accident. I was in college. I needed a job. He asked me if I’d help out for the summer. KenMar 2.0 was born.

Endings & Beginnings at KenMar
Endings & Beginnings at KenMar

Since 2002

we’ve been on 1120 North Hickory Farm Lane in Appleton, just off of Wisconsin Avenue near Fleet Farm.  Today we have one of the largest camera room and studios north of Milwaukee as well as acres of landscaped property for outdoor photography with forests, gardens, hills, paths, prairie, props and even a little stream running through it.

A brick and mortar studio with attached private photo-park.
Guaranteeing utmost quality portraiture since 1954
KenMar Photography’s 65th anniversary!

Here’s a link to a local newspaper article  about our 65th Anniversary


Here is a nostalgic slideshow depicting the progression of KenMar for the last 65 years


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