How are you feeling about your experience with KenMar?

How Do You Feel?

I hope everything’s going great for you and yours and hope your experience with me and my studio was positive. Thanks so very much for choosing me for your senior pictures!

I always follow up on your experience with us to find what would make you happier and how I can continue to improve.
While I’d love to chat with you on the phone I realize that might not be as convenient for you. I still want to hear your story!
Can you tell me:

  • What helped you decide to choose us initially?
  • Do you tell others about us and if so, what do you say?
  • What’s one thing we do better than others you have done business with?
  • What’s one thing we could do better to create a great experience for you?

I know I make choices for emotional reasons, not necessarily logical ones. (I support my decision with logic after the fact but facts are not so much what I’m looking for here.) If you can feel the reason you chose us, how would you describe that feeling and why was that important to you? I really want to hear your story!

When I create your images I do all I can to show all you can be. Thank you for that opportunity!
Please help me do that too by letting me know how you feel about us.

You can start that process by clicking here!

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