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A high school senior boy in semi-formal attire poses with a matching black and white dog
A high school senior boy in semi-formal attire poses with a matching black and white dog
KenMar / 1120 North Hickory Farm Lane / Appleton, WI 54914 / 920-734-5328
You definitely get your money’s worth!
KenMar / 1120 North Hickory Farm Lane / Appleton, WI 54914 / 920-734-5328
Your friends recommend KenMar!
KenMar / 1120 North Hickory Farm Lane / Appleton, WI 54914 / 920-734-5328
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Kyra Greunke

I’m going to attend Fox Valley Technical College for their Interior Design program.

My brother did his senior pictures and had a blast at KenMar. They did such a good job on his pictures I didn’t consider any other studios.

Todd made me feel like I was at a modeling photo shoot. Todd makes you feel very comfortable and listens to what you like and don’t like. He really takes time to get to know you.

Hannah Stout

I came to KenMar for my senior pictures because of all the different options I could have with my pictures with the variety of settings provided. Also because of the natural and pretty editing of the photos.

KenMar doesn’t have fake looking editing like other places, and makes sure that your pictures reflect who you are.

My favorite part was when I was in my dance costume doing leaps and I was jumping so high I was almost out of the shot! Todd was patient and got the perfect moment of my leap and it looked awesome!

If I could redo my session I would have planned my outfits more in advance.

Next years seniors should come to KenMar because there’s something for everyone there and Todd will be sure to make the session fun and the pictures amazing!

I thought it would be really awkward because I’m a little camera shy but I ended up leaving the session feeling like a model!

I honestly have no critiques I really enjoyed my session!

Forest Welch

When looking over the options I had when choosing over the company I wanted to take my senior pictures, KenMar stood out to me with their ability to capture the true image of someone’s personality in a portrait.

Todd does a fantastic job bringing out the real emotion into their photos. When looking over the portraits from years past of his work it never truly looked like someone was faking their smile, and that’s what sealed it for me. I wanted someone who would capture my actual smile not make me put on a fake one.

I really enjoyed that he allowed me to play music of my choice while the session was happening. It made me really comfortable during the entire session.

They do a fantastic job of capturing who you really are during a session, they do an amazing job of making you feel comfortable during the session and the session is quick moving and never boring.

I went in initially thinking I would be doing poses he wanted me to do and just following the guidelines he would set for me, but once we got i to the session I had a lot of control over what I wanted my photos to be. My voice and opinions had a lot of control over the session.

I don’t think their is much you could improve on, you do a fantastic job and made the entire experience extremely enjoyable!

Kaelynn Disch

I decided to go to KenMar because of the uniqueness they gave everyone. I loved the pictures I had seen, and decided that this was the best place for me.

I really like how individualized every person’s photos were. No one will have the same picture as you, so it brings out the uniqueness of everything!

My favorite part was how passionate the people were about their job. they were there to help you and to make the experience fun! They made sure that you had what you wanted for your pictures- which was great!

If I could redo anything from my session, I would definitely change the outfits. I had the ones I wanted, but needed way more than planned out. It was a three outfit change, it was like a whatever you brought, we will use.

The best reason for next year;s seniors to go to KenMar is for the wonderful experience you get to encounter. they make this fun for you, and you get the wonderful picture on top of it. The pictures you will fall in love with. You’ll want to share them with everyone!

Go to KenMar for the fun of it, and for the wonderful picture pictures you will fall in love with. You’ll want to share them with everyone!

I thought the session was going to b a straight-forward, “let’s get this done” kind of session. Instead, it was a “let’s do this well but fun for everyone” kind of session. It put me in a good mood which was surprising since I don’t enjoy having my picture taken. But, the people there will help you become more relaxed while there.

Just remind people to over bring outfits, instead of under bring. You should let them know to be more prepared than under prepared.

Kailey Haberman

I was referred by two other friends that had a very good experience at KenMar.

the variety of indoor and outdoor poses with many options to choose from.

the outside shots and getting to change my outfits and do a ton of different poses! I also enjoyed that they gave me an option to play music that I listen to which made it even more fun.

maybe consider bringing a prop next time but other than that I was very satisfied with the session

because they are really friendly and make it a fun time. There is a lot of different choices and options that will be sure to satisfy anyone’s style.

I thought that it was going to be a little uncomfortable and I was nervous for it but it was a really relaxed and fun environment.

I really tried to think of suggestions but I can’t think of anything that could have improved my experience because I thought it was great!

Sam Stojke

KenMar is known for phenomenal photography. Todd is extremely easy to work with and made me feel incredibly comfortable during the shoot. For a business tucked away, off of Wisconsin Avenue in Appleton, it is almost unbelievable the cool scenes that are generated with his creativity from inside the studio to the small grounds that include a wooded creek off to the side. Selecting photos is interesting because they are presented electronically on a big computer monitor in a comfortable room. You can take your time selecting the ones you want. There are tons of options and sample from photo books, to collages to large portraits.

My sister got her senior pictures taken at KenMar and her photos turned out really great. After that, we had an extended family photo taken with my grandparents that made my grandma really happy! The studio keeps great records and my Mom was able to go back and review what she had purchased in the previous sessions from years back.

I’m not really sure about other studios but I do like how contemporary everything was; from the studio, to the equipment, to the ideas generated for each shot, to the music played. It all made the experience much more comfortable than I thought it would be.

Todd takes his time. I did not feel rushed at all. There was a lot of thoughtfulness that occurred before I got there and then throughout the whole shoot. From cool settings inside and out to create the images, while listening to great music playing throughout the studio, made a possibly awkward experience into a very comfortable one.

I would probably take more time before I got to my session to think about what I wanted. I could have put more time into my own thoughts before I went there by thinking about things I like to do and bringing in a few more props.

First, Todd is pretty cool. He is calm and kind. He made the whole situation much more comfortable than I thought. And then, the creativity and individualization is awesome, making the photos pretty unique. If anyone thinks that it is going to be a painful experience, it really isn’t at KenMar.

I thought my session was going to be painful. But it turned out to be just fine given the patience that Todd had in an open but cool and private setting.I

I guess the only thing would be to have a better idea on when the final product/photos would be ready. I think we were kind of unclear on how long it would take and called to ask how things were going. There was a slight hold-up on a little book we bought. (My mom totally helped me comment on all of these questions, just saying!!!)

Meggie DiPoto

It was an easy decision for us, to choose KenMar for my senior pictures. My 3 older siblings, John, Anna and Patrick all went to KenMar for their senior photos, and they turned out awesome! I am so happy with all of the pictures KenMar took. I knew that Todd would do a great job on my Sr. photos.

The outdoor shots were so fun!

Some of my favorite pictures were taken outside or with natural lighting inside, and I think KenMar has more unique options for outdoor pictures.

The outdoor setting is nice, with a lot of variety. Also, Todd does great shots with different lighting.

I got to change outfits several times, and also I thought they took so many different poses, both inside and outside.

There were many more options at KenMar to choose from, as far as background and outdoor pictures.

I also was given some good hints and tips beforehand from Todd, – I’m glad that I did bring as many clothing options, like he had suggested!

I was so impressed by how many actual pictures Todd took of me!

I loved the music playing in the background inside, and KenMar kept my preferences in mind, and asked me what poses I would like.

I planned ahead and brought more than enough clothing changes, after my sister had mentioned that she didn’t bring enough.

The best reasons would be that they will have a chance to get pictures that include their favorite hobby or sport, and the picture in the Yearbook will be very professional and will standout.

I ended up getting more proofs and shots taken, than I thought I would. I liked so many of my poses that I can’t think of anything I would redo.

I think KenMar took a lot of time, during my session. Senior photos only happen once, so I was glad I had chosen KenMar.

I thought I would be nervous, and it would only take a short time. But I felt more relaxed after the first 10 minutes, and Todd also asked me my opinion and what pictures I would like to have taken.

My photo-session was fun and better than I thought it would be.

I thought the session was enjoyable, and it lasted longer than I thought it would. I had so many proofs to choose from and look at, afterward!

I think the only improvement would be not over-pricing the finished photographs. Also, I know that it’s always nice to have more options for Facebook access, and electronic images to put online

Ryan LaFond

I saw how great the pictures I saw turned out and all the different cool places to take photos there.

The poses did not look unnatural and looked comfortable.

I liked getting asked what type of pictures I wanted to take and where and listening to my music so it was relaxing for the photos that were inside.

I don’t think I would change anything. It went really smooth and was great.

To have a photographer that is really easy going and nice and fun to talk to, and really knows what he is doing made everything turn out great.

I thought I was only going to take a couple photos and be done with it because I wasn’t that into it. It was fun and a great experience. We took a lot more photos then I thought we would; it was a great time.

Mercedes Reynolds

When my mom asked about senior pictures, my response was, “umm, no!” I didn’t think I wanted a photo shoot. Then she mentioned KenMar and I reconsidered. I have been having Todd take my dance pictures since I was 3 years old. I am comfortable with the people at the studio.

Todd is able to show artistic, unique and creative expressions in each photo

My favorite part  was being photographed with my cat

If I could redo my session I would change Bring many more accessories and change of clothes

The best reasons to go to KenMar are the helpful staff, creativity of the photographer

Todd was great about talking to me and letting me know what was going to happen. That was very helpful. The session ended up being very laid back and a lot of fun.

Caroleann Luedke

My two other brothers went there for their senior pictures and I was just in love with how theirs turned out.

It’s Senior year and everyone wants to have the PERFECT senior pictures. You’re so excited! Your senior pictures are a big thing! You have all your outfits picked out.  The one thing I learned when I was getting my senior pictures done at KenMar is that it’s okay to say you’re nervous. Todd knows it’ll show in your pictures so he just makes it fun to let loose and smile You’ll feel more comfortable than you imagine and your pictures will turn out exactly how you hoped for.

Connor Hoell

I liked the individuality that was portrayed in the photographs. Along with the ability to use the natural surroundings around the studio.

My favorite part was how much time he took to find out who I was as a person to get a better understanding of the type of images I was hoping for.

If I could redo my session I would change The time of the year due to the heavy mosquito population haha. I wish I would’ve  brought more of my sports equipment.

The best reason to go to KenMar is because he will make you feel truly appreciated and try to capture your personality and lifestyle in the photos he takes.

I went into the session a little apprehensive, but came out enjoying it.

 Tommy Mejia

My favorite part of the photo session was  Todd made the experience comfortable and fun.

Everything was great. There were many excellent photos from which to choose!

Most importantly: quality and professionalism.

Second  reason: it was fun to work with Todd.

The studio is huge and there were many settings outside to provide beautiful backgrounds for all types of personalities.

Have already referred others, and plan on returning for other family members’  photography needs.

Jacob Goddake

KenMar has everything you could need in one location.  The staff are very professional.

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