A Friendly Follow-up for the Next Graduating Class

Your Feelings About your Experience Here are an Important Part of our Relationship.


Grads & Parents,

Thank you so much for choosing KenMar for your senior pictures and for following up with your experience at our studio.

We created some wonderful images together and I want to make sure you’re as happy with them as I am!

Thanks for your thoughts about what it was like to work with us and what we can do to improve. (I’d still like to chat on the phone if you have the time!)

Your feelings about your experience here are an important part of our relationship.

(You can reply anonymously if you like.)

Thank you for trusting KenMar for your senior memories

There are many places you could have gone to for your senior photography… and you chose us.

I hope we’ve made you feel as special as you’ve made us feel!

I’m not fishing for compliments here, I really need to know if we’ve fulfilled your expectations.

Please let us know if we’ve done a good job of that by answering some of these questions:

Here are some of the questions you’ll find in the link to the questionnaire:

Please rate the following: Better or worse than you expected?

Our initial appearance:                                 Better           Worse

The way you were treated:                            Better           Worse

The quality of the proofs:                              Better           Worse

The quality of the finished pictures:           Better           Worse

Would you recommend KenMar?               Absolutely      No

And here’s the essay part:

Why did you choose KenMar for your senior portraits?

What did you like about Todd’s photography that you didn’t see in portraits from other studios?

Describe your photo session. What was it like? Too long? Too short? Too fun?

What did you like best/least?

If you could redo your session, what would you change (if anything)?

What would you like to say to next year’s seniors about their senior pictures?

If you’d like just send it to me in an email at [email protected]

You might want to check out www.kenmarstudio.com sometime soon because your pictures could be going there too. Thanks again!

One last question:

Before you walked in our door you had an idea what it would be like…

How was your experience here different than

you thought it would be?

You’re Always a Star at KenMar!

Your pictures could be selected for use in our KenMar Chronicle newspaper, web site or slide show.

Maybe your friends told you about us from or maybe you saw their portraits.

We’d like to turn that “word-of-mouth” into referrals for our advertising so we can reach more people like you.

That’s why we need your permission to use your pictures and your referral for next year’s seniors. So if you’d like to be featured just answer some of the questions above. We’d also appreciate comments from your parents.

This isn’t a big homework assignment. Just a sentence or two would be nice.

Or, if nothing else, please answer the last question to let me know it’s OK to use your pictures.

Here’s the official form: 



  • An emotional reason is related to the importance of the pictures themselves. A logical reason is more related to the logistics and handling of the experience.

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