KenMar specializes in large family groups, indoors and out with a huge variety of props, chairs, couches and different backdrops with flattering lighting and comfortable slice-of-life posing

Family Group Photography General Information

A Family Portrait on Your Wall Displays What You Value Most…

A family of 30 poses comfortably against a white background
A family of 23 in black, blue and grey.
Family of 11 in earth tones and black.
Fourty (40) people comfortably posed for a family grouping in the studio.
A family of 7 siblings
A family of 6
A family of 7 siblings
A family of 3 generations and over 30 people poses comfortably wearing white shirts.
4 sibs on a couch
4 sibs on a couch playing musical chairs
4 sibs on a couch having fun with trying on each other's poses
Family of 4 brothers and sisters in a casual, contemporary modern arrangement on a couch.
A casual, contemporary modern, arrangement of a family of 4 siblings.
posing in front of an American flag.
A family of 7 siblings, brothers and sisters and mom beautifully posed in coordinated outfits makes for a priceless, timeless heirloom portrait
Family of 6 plus the family pet in the Fall foliage at KenMar
Family siblings posing on a couch in a studio
Family posing on a couch in a studio
Four siblings sitting on one chair during a family session.
Family posing for a family session.
Family of 7 in pastel colors on white background
Family of 7 in white on a darker background
Family of 16 in purple and gray
Couple hugging their grandchildren

You appreciate the importance of spending time with family and cherishing those moments spent in good times. Whether it’s a family dinner, a game night, or a weekend getaway, let KenMar’s experience make it easy to capture your feelings anout your family with a professional family portrait. Research has shown that family portraits displayed in your home can bring your family even more cohesive joy, love, and belonging.

Since we know how hard it is for you to get everyone together and that life can get busy and hectic, we’ll honor your efforts with professionally posed and lighted portraits of your loved ones anytime you can get your family together! We’ll help you prioritize your loved ones and make time for them.

We’ll help you get everyone together with our professional tips and experience to create a stunning family portrait. A portrait that shows everyone what you value most. A cherished reminder of the love and connection you share. We’ll help you celebrate the unique bonds you share with your family.

Call us today to make your best intentions come true.  (920) 734-5328

Areas Served

KenMar’s extensive professional expertice has been serving the Appleton, Kaukauna, Menasha, Neenah, Kimberly, and surrounding Fox Valley for over 60 years. Thank you for that!


How much is a family picture?
A better question to ask might be to have the photographer to describe their ideal customer!

Our ideal client values their family above all else, wants the very best in a wall portrait that will stand the test of time and tell the story of the people in the pictures. That’s what we do best.

Family sessions are typically $90. That would include up to 3 “break-outs”: three separate (consecutive) sessions for up to 3 groupings or outfit changes!
We also invite you to get the full service of our sessions by stopping by the studio, meet us, view samples and have a conversation about your unique family. 

  • 10″ prints, like 8x10s, are just under $100
  • 14″ prints are around $150
  • 20″ prints are around $350
  • 30″ prints are around $450

There are also lots of incentives for duplications of multiple images.

Call for details and availability.
Gift certificates are also available.

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