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The Classics:

In the 70s they wore paisley and polyester. For the 80s it was iridescent disco shirts with huge collars. 90s – Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, and large block primary colors. The 10s everybody wore the Paris Hilton massive comb-over… It’s hard to believe that what you’re wearing right now could ever look that dated!


How to Make Your Session as Good as it Can Be

I always ask my customers “What would have made your session better?” They frequently say they wish they had been better prepared! They say…”If I could do my session over

  • “I would’ve fixed my hair better.”
  • “I wish I’d brought more clothes, just for more variety.”
  • “I wish I would have brought more of a variety of outfits.”
  • “I would have brought more clothes and personal props. I also wish I would have let my hair grow out.”
  • “I would have brought a couple more changes of clothes so I could have more of a selection.
  • “I would have chosen more sessions and definitely brought more outfits!”
  • “I wish I would have chosen more sessions.”

But that won’t happen to YOU! You’re prepared! 


The clothes you wear for your photoshoot are as important as the expression on your face.

Here are some suggestions to get the most out of your photoshoot at KenMar.
In a word, bring VARIETY! In a list, Bring…
• stuff your mom would hate!
• some clothes only your mom could like!
• EVERYTHING in between.
• clothes for all seasons.
• your Sunday best and your grubby old jeans.
• anything / everything.
• long sleeve, short sleeve, some patterns, prints,
• a LOT of solid colors!
• Just be sure to bring VARIETY!

Samples, Examples and General Guidelines:

Colors, Solids, Patterns, Prints, Stripes, and Sleeve length: All influence the attention paid to the face – the personality and purpose of the portrait.

Colors: Outfits that don’t draw attention away from the face make for better portraits. Brighter colors make you look larger. Dark colors are far more slimming. Color harmony for outdoors sessions means wearing colors you find in nature: earth tones: tree, leaf, grass, flowers. Earth rocks! Good Color Harmony = green with green, yellow with yellow, dark with dark, light with light..It doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, but it doesn’t hurt to try for colors that blend! We have enough backgrounds and props to harmonize with what ever you bring. The more variety you bring the more freedom you’ll have in choosing backgrounds! Too Bright/Just Right
Solids vs Patterns: Busy patterns, stripes, and prints, can be distracting in a photograph. Horizontal stripes can make you look wider. Solid colors minimize your size.Yipes Stripes! Solid!
Sleeveless & Short Sleeve Long Sleeve: Bare arms draw a lot of attention to themselves and add weight.
Hair: New perms or hair cuts and styles aren’t recommended as much as a style you’re familiar with. I’ll have a huge mirror right next to you so you can check it out frequently throughout the session. Bring your hair accessories, brush, comb, spray, goop etc. Consider changing your hair styles with your outfits. Guys, a 2-3 week old haircut photographs best.
Details: No wrinkled clothes! If your clothes require ironing, make sure that they are well pressed when you arrive. (Of course, we have an iron here!)Make sure that everything fits well.
Skin: Stay out of the sun for at least two days before your session. Tan lines can be difficult to fix! No Sunburns or Tan lines
Glasses: No Lenses! If you’re usually seen with glasses on, bring them – without the lenses. Lenses may cause reflections, and distort, or discolor your eyes. Borrow similar frames from your optometrist, or you can remove the lenses when you arrive with a small screw driver (or a hammer. Just kidding about the hammer.)
Makeup Girls: Wear natural looking makeup. Bring some extra makeup along for touch ups. A touch of blush will help to sculpt the cheek- bones, powder will reduce shine, a little mascara will highlight the eyes and lip gloss will help to highlight lips.
Makeup Guys: Yes guys! You can bene t from some makeup as well. A little under the eyes reduces dark circles, powder reduces shine, and blemish concealer, well, that’s obvious. (By the way, we’ve got all that stuff here.)

Style Suggestions to Get the Most Out of Your Basic Yearbook Session:

For centuries guys wore a jacket and tie for classy traditional portraits. It’s not exactly a fad after 100 years is it? If you’d like to look classy, try a dark shirt with a collar, a sweater or a jacket and tie. It’s tradition!


Bring soft sweaters or blouses with flattering necklines that match your eyes or subdued, solid colors and bring accessories like earrings, pearls, necklaces. And the last rule of portrait clothing:There are no rules! If it makes you feel comfortable, bring it! Just bring enough solid colors and long sleeves!

Guidelines to help you look like the best version of yourself:

Wear clothing with sleeves. Bare arms add weight. Solid colors are more complimentary.

Patterns will draw attention to your body and distract from the face.

Jackets hats and scarves can hide flaws or draw attention to the things you want to accent.

Correct colors will make your complexion look better.

Sleeveless, spaghetti strap dresses and tops exaggerate the size of your arm.

Dark colors slim. Bright and bold colors accent body size.

Things to Bring:

Pets, sports gear, football, baseball, softball, soccer balls, tennis rackets, uniforms, letter jackets, musical instruments, trophies, stuffed animals, hobbies, collections, books, squash sticks, magazines, rugby balls, hunting guns, fishing gear, friends, brothers, sisters, other family member, posters, hats, jackets, sunglasses, flowers, scarves, jewelry and accessories. If there are personal props that are, or are likely to become, a big part of your life you may want to be photographed with them!

Suggestions for girls:

Bring proper undergarments like bras that don’t show straps or lumps through your clothes and shorts to wear under your dresses for more versatile posing. A BIG part of what makes a professional portrait look professional is the time you take to prepare for it. If you have any questions we’re here to help make this the best time you’ve ever have in front of a camera!

See you soon!

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