The Secret!

The secret to getting the most out of your senior pictures is simple: PREPARATION!

I always do exit interviews after you pick up your finished order. The most frequent remark I get is “I wish I had prepared more.” When you commit your time and effort to getting this done right you will reap the benefits with a 110% return on your investment.

When you read the information about how to prepare for your pictures and follow the suggestions, you’re saying this is important enough to plan for!

I echo your enthusiasm with my own; your attitude is contagious!

So bring a good attitude by preparing for your session and you’ll be sure to get the very best out of your senior pictures!

  • Read our printed piece. (Call and we’ll send you one, otherwise.)
  • Visit our Pinterest site!
  • Visit our other Pinterest site!
  • Talk to friends
  • Read the Facebook comments and “like” the KenMar Page
  • Call us at 920-734-5328,
  • Ask questions
  • Get prepared.

Really!  Your interest and preparation is HUGE!  It let’s me know that we’re a good fit!  And nothing will make your experience better than that.

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