High School Senior Grad Photography

Senior Intro Info

Senior pictures are an opportunity for what may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Do it right! Choose a reliable, predictable consistent photographer. Choose KenMar!

THIS IS YOU! All you.

These portraits commemorate a truly pivotal time in your life; indeed, these portraits can help shape your future.


Congratulations on achieving your senior year! 

Let’s help you make it special!

Your senior pictures, done right, can help you put your confidence out in the world

They can help introduce you to the world and introduce the world to you. 

A KenMar quality portrait tells your story: it tells your past, your present and your potential.

This could be your big chance. These pictures, this confidence, this experience, can make a huge difference. This is a BIG deal! Get it done right! Go to KenMar!

A professional portrait is different from all those thousands of pictures on your cell phone that were taken, not because they were important, but because we could.

And when our phones are full, we delete those careless pictures and wonder why we took them. And once deleted, we never miss them, because they didn’t really matter.

A professional portrait is special because it is made with care and purpose. It is created to matter

It is made to last.

Not every occasion in life will require a professional photographer….
Only those times that really matter.


Ask your friends!

Here’s a link to another gallery of senior images

Areas Served

If you’re a high school senior in Appleton, Kaukauna, Kimberly, Neenah, Menasha, Combined Locks, Hortonville, Little Chute, Sherwood, Freedom, Grand Chute, Greenville and surrounding areas you need to go to KenMar for the best in the Fox River Valley.

Best of the Valley Award
Best of the Valley AwardBest of the Valley Award

Price info

You’re sure to get exceptional value, lots of choices and find a package for every budget.

And we have no minimum orders!

When you build your own package and combine Wall Portraits, Gift Portraits, Wallets, and Albums/Folios/Collages you can save 15% off à la carte prices!

And you can create your own packages for as low as $397

A Senior Express Package (one pose) includes:

  • 2 Small Wall Portraits (10″ or smaller)
  • 16 Wallets
  • Yearbook Photo
  • 30 min. session!

All for under $250

Choose the session that will tell your story!  Choose the sale that will save you money!

All sessions include for FREE!:

  • Cap and Gown (session & print) when you graduate.       $55 value!
  • Cap and Gown (session & print) when you graduate.       $55 value!
  • Family Portrait Session.                                               $95 value!

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Prices are subject to change without notice.

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