Senior High School Graduation Portrait Prices

Prices can sometimes chance and this page may not always be current.

First of all, you’re guaranteed to love your pictures.

If you’re not thrilled with enough of your originals, we’ll refund 110% of your session fee.

The same with finished pictures: 110% of your money comes right back to you. Our portraits are guaranteed for as long as you own them! 

We always send out a follow up card to make sure everything is satisfactory.

If you went elsewhere and didn’t like your pictures, we’ll refund THEIR session fee!

First of all, you’re guaranteed to love your pictures. 

If you’re not thrilled with enough of your originals, we’ll refund 110% of your session fee.
No other studio has this guarantee because no other studio has this confidence in their ability

The Right Poses

If you have too many good pictures to choose from, well, that’s part of my job! 

Friends and family may have their favorites but they’re still your portraits! Choose enough variety to tell your story.

Most seniors choose poses that are different than the ones parents chose for the family wall.

The Right Amount 

  • Grandparents,
  • aunts,
  • uncles,
  • brothers,
  • sisters,
  • boyfriends,
  • girlfriends,
  • job and college applications,
  • graduation announcements, etc.

Choose appropriate poses for each of your needs. 

The most popular package averages around $879. You can always order more later but you’ll miss the volume discounts on packages! 

To simplify your ordering process, we offer a client worksheet: it helps to make a list prior to your scheduled viewing. Just fill in the blanks with your needs and we will help you with the best sizes and poses.

Room Type: Living Room, Dining Room, Hallway, Stairway, Bedroom

Room Size: larger than 15’ or smaller

Placement: Over Fireplace, Above Sofa, Above Loveseat/Chair, Over Accent Table, Other…

Room Style: Casual/Formal/Bedroom

Other locations for wall portraits:

Mom’s Work:_____Dad’s Work:_____ Grandparents:_____ Godparents:____ Aunt/Uncle:____Cousins:_____ Neighbor:______Boyfriend/Girlfriend ___ Babysitter_______ Other:______

The Right Size 

The right size is determined by two things:

1) the subject’s size within the portrait and

2) the typical viewing distance.

There are appropriate sizes for every wall portrait and you will appreciate your portrait more when you  consider the following: 

A full length standing portrait would require a 20×24 size.   A seated or 3/4 length pose would look good in a 16×20 size , and half length poses would be suited for a 11×14 size. We’ll show your selections projected to various sizes to help you choose.

The Right Style 

Appropriate style refers to additional art work and retouching of facial blemishes and complexion on larger prints. Close-ups show more detail and would benefit more from that kind of retouching. We’ll show you samples of all the styles we offer and help you decide what finish is right for you.

Package and Save 15%!

You’re guaranteed to get the most out your experience here by creating your own exclusive, personalized, customized collections!
Our clients most satisfied when they take advantage of the variety of images and a variety of products.

You can customize your own collection when you choose one item from each of those 4 categories! It’s the very best value and offers unlimited variety.
One of each is a Custom Collection: A Custom Collection will save 15% off a-la-carte prices!

There are 4 categories to choose from:

1 – Wall Portraits
(11’’ prints and larger)

2 – Gift Portraits
(10″ prints & smaller)

3 – Wallets
(Printed and/or digital)

4 – Albums/Folios/Collages
(Framed Multi Image Collages & Specialty Products)

Category 1
Wall Portraits

Your wall portraits are perfected, professionally printed, and mounted to a sturdy board and ready for framing.

A senior girl's portrait hangs on a wall of a living room
Wall Portrait
Wall Size Portraits

Category 2
Gift Portraits (10” & smaller)

Smaller portraits (8x10 and smaller) are suitable for desktop and shelf display

For relatives, grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles, boy/girlfriend, home, cottage and office.

(2) 5×7 or 5×58976
(3)4×5 or 4×68976
Gift Size Portraits

A stack of wallet size portraits
A stack of wallet size portraits

3-Wallet size

94   (up to 6 poses)245209
46   (up to 3 poses)179149
22 wallet size9985
Wallet Size Portraits


Your favorite poses in one image! The digital mat can be customized to match the colors in the image or the colors in your room. Each collage is mounted and acrylic protected, and comes with your choice of black, walnut, pewter or gold frame.

Senior Albums

Samples of what senior books and albums look like

Hardcover, 20 page books, 10×10. Custom designed with 20+ images  that tell  the story of your life. Add your own words to your pages for even more personalization. 



Leather 12x12 folio holds 8 of your most favorite images
Leather 12×12 folio holds 8 of your most favorite images

Leather Proof Folio, 12×12. Eight of your favorite 4×5 images.



Example of a collage displaying 5 images. Available in 16x20 or larger
Collage SizesA-la-cartePackage
Framed  20×24399349
Framed  20 square350299
Framed  16×20350299
Framed  16 square325279
Framed  5×30250199
Framed  8×20250199

8×10 Proof Memory Book

8x10 Proof Book
8×10 Proof Book

An 8×10 spiral bound proof book.  4 images per page.


Details, Policies, Q & A


We will arrange a convenient appointment time for ordering your pictures. Our combination collections and credits are available only when your order is placed by that date. If you need more time to decide be sure to call to extend the date. Please order within 21 days of your original appointment to retain your deposits.


If you need to reschedule an appointment please give us at least a day’s notice. Your rescheduled appointment has to be within 2 weeks of your original appointment to maintain any special prices or coupons. Let us know if you need special arrangements.

Payment Options

You may either place your order at the studio or, if you like, we can send you an app that will help you filter your favorites.  A $400 advance is required to send you the app.  This advance will be applied to your finished order when you place your order within two weeks. Half your balance is required when you place your order.  The remainder is due when you pick up your finished order.  No part of the order can be picked up without full payment.  Orders not picked up within 30 days of notification will be charged interest and prior payments may be forfeited.  We accept cash, check and most credit cards, or ask about our easy, no hassle payment plan!

Processing Time

Your finished portraits will be ready within 6-8 weeks from your order date. You will be notified when your order is complete.


KenMar will keep all of the files for your order for about one year. You may reorder at anytime. However, after one year we will only keep the files that you’ve ordered from. 

Yearbook Photo

A suitable yearbook photo is sent to your school on the deadline date after you have paid for your portrait order. Orders should be paid for at least 3 weeks before your school deadline. Minimum order for yearbook delivery is $300. Yearbook only orders are $300.


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