Price: That’s what you want to know! What’s it gonna cost?!  You’re really looking for its value to you.

You’ve got a budget. Everyone does!  So, a good question to ask is “How important are high-quality senior pictures, especially relative to my income and expenses?”

What is the most important thing about your senior portrait?

  • Is it the comfort and confidence I feel when trusting a proven professional; the idea of getting my true, relaxed, honest personality on portraits I’ll be showing off when I’m 25, 35, 55…
  • Is it the comfort and convenience of being photographed in an exclusive setting without a bunch of strangers and bystanders gawking at me in a public park?
  • Is it in the attention, excitement and fun of catching my unique spontaneity and freedom in my expression and a pose?!
  • Is is about the authenticity of expressing my relationship with who I feel I am and where I harmonize with my community?
  • Is this an opportunity to learn about myself, to challenge myself, to dare to be as great as I can be?
  • Is this a fulfillment of a tradition to honor this process of my life with credentialed professionalism?


Since price is always going to be a relative issue, here’s the “big picture” regarding price: When you spend more you get more! A lot more! A lot, lot more! Most of our clients who appreciate the quality and value of our pictures spend well into the thousands for this once-in-a-lifetime milestone commemoration. And the good news is that we have no minimums! You can get what you desire. And nothing more. You can get a 1/2 hour photoshoot, 2 gift portraits, 16 wallets & a yearbook photo, all for under $250!

Plus June sessions are 50% off regular prices and if you call now (and mention you saw this on our website) you can add 4 more outfit changes added to your session!