Your friends tell you about their experience at KenMar Photography Inc.

The pictures you will fall in love with. You'll want to share them with everyone!
I’m Kaelynn and I plan to attend either UW- La Crosse or the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities. I am going in undecided as of now, but will soon change that within the first year of college.
“I decided to go to KenMar because of the uniqueness they gave everyone. I loved the pictures I had seen, and decided that this was the best place for me.
I really like how individualized every person’s photos were. No one will have the same picture as you, so it brings out the uniqueness of everything!
My favorite part was how passionate the people were about their job. they were there to help you and to make the experience fun! They made sure that you had what you wanted for your pictures- which was great!
The best reason for next years seniors to go to KenMar is for the wonderful experience you get to encounter. They make this fun for you, and you get the wonderful picture on top of it. The pictures you will fall in love with. You’ll want to share them with everyone!
I thought the session was going to b a straight-forward, “lets get this done” kind of session. Instead, it was a “let’s do this well but fun for everyone” kind of session. It put me in a good mood which was surprising since I don’t enjoy having my picture taken. But, the people there will help you become more relaxed while there.”