Workshop Description:

Let’s face it, all those buttons and settings on your DSLR camera can be intimidating and confusing. Many try and figure it out and ultimately end up putting the dial back to AUTO to get a shot. Imagine if you had a more informed understanding and confidence to utilize this incredible tool for personal expression. Imagine no longer capturing images but creating the moments and memories you truly cherish, the way you saw and felt them.

This class will demystify the various camera settings and wipe away the intimidation and help you to understand and unlock the potential underneath your fingertips. You will learn what these multiple settings do, when, and how to use them as well as how to combine various settings to achieve the result you have been trying to accomplish.

We will explain, demonstrate, and provide hands-on guided exercises we do together. You don’t have to be a slave to the ‘Auto Everything’ settings ever again! There will be time at the end of class for questions. Also, you will receive an invitation to a private Facebook group! There, you can continue to get support as you take what you learned and continue to experiment and explore your creativity with your new-found knowledge and skills.


  • Bring your DSLR Camera
  • Camera manual (if it is handy for reference.)
  • Please familiarize yourself with how you change settings such as ISO, shutter speed, and aperture on your camera if you can beforehand. (Don’t worry, we will be here to help and explain.)

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