2022 WPPA Convention

A Humble/Brag post

At WPPA’s (Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association) recent 126th convention I was awarded a few dingle-dangles to wear around my neck when I attended such functions.



They’re called Fellowship Awards. I think theyr’e probably given out for attendance at conventions.
That would make sense because I’ve been attending WPPA conventions nearly every year since before I was born; my photograher parents, (Ken & Mar who give the business its name) would lug us 4 kids in tow. So, out of 60-some odd annual conventions, I’ll bet I’ve been at well over 40 of them. And every year in a row since the mid 80s when I took over the studio.


It’s a fine bunch, the WPPA, even when I don’t get new dingle-dangles. I owe them and the people I’ve met through them everything I know about photography.

And it was such a relief to see those photography friends I’ve known for so long as well as to meet new ones in person. Two full days of education, camaraderie, and appreciation for the craft and those who practice and those who support it. As much as anything else it signaled the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel of 2021 and rejuvenated my passion for another season in the business of photography.

WPPA makes it real. https://www.wppa-online.com

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Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association

WPPA makes it real. https://www.wppa-online.com

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